Planning To Retire? Your Equity Can Help You Reach Your Goal.

Tuesday Sep 6th, 2022


  Whether you've recently retired or are considering it, you could be weighing your options and attempting to envision a whole different phase of your life. You're not alone either. 10,000 Baby Boomers reach the normal retirement age of 65 per day, according to research from the Retirement Industry Trust Association (RITA), and just 47% of that cohort has retired as of yet. If this sounds like you, one thing worth considering is whether or not your current home will... [read more]

A Window of Opportunity for Homebuyers

Friday Jul 29th, 2022


Mortgage rates are much higher today than they were at the beginning of the year, and that’s had a clear impact on the housing market. As a result, the market is seeing a shift back toward the range of pre-pandemic levels for buyer demand and home sales. However, the return to pre-pandemic levels is not a terrible thing. The property market really experienced some of its finest years in the years prior to the pandemic. To demonstrate how the current housing market is still... [read more]